I have a bone to pick. No, really I do.

Who is Runderdog?

I am a loudmouth dog. But it’s been said I’m very cute. So because of my good looks I get a pass to bark as much as I want. No, not really. I drive people crazy so my owner gets this guy, The Dog Runner, to take me running through New York City. While The Dog Runner’s busy holding onto the leash and thinking constantly about his book, The Dog Runner, I’m still barking away. I bark at everyone we pass. What can I say? I got a lot to say. Mostly I got a lot to say about this crazy city I live in. Some strange dogs and even stranger people.

My dog blog is my gift to you of my insightful canine wisdom. Sometimes I might even be able to break a news story or two. Or maybe I’ll just give you my dog’s eye view of how I see it. Maybe I’ll even fight crime. I mean, you know, however I can. With just these two paws (or four) of mine. I don’t know. I’m hoping you’ll howl about the blog every once in a while. Maybe I’ll even throw a little bone of inspiration out there from time to time to get you humans motivated. You’re so unmotivated on some days. And other days you’re too motivated. That’s a another topic entirely, one about consistency (Hear me, Dog Runner?!).

Anyway, there may be days where I just plain bark about crap. Just hoping to make a little bit of sense out of this dog-eat-dog world. Lord knows, The Dog Runner can’t make sense to save his life. So someone’s gotta do it for him. Why not Runderdog?

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