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Bad Spot — Runderdog’s Words of Encouragement




by RunderdogIt’s gonna be okay. You’ll be okay. Take a look at this dog. Even though his head is on a stick, he’s still smiling. So when you find yourself in a bad spot just think of Spot here and know it could be much worse. He looks happy. And he’s stuck between a cock and a lard face. I know. Terrible play on words. But it made you smile. Or you cringed or winced and that could be interpreted as a smile. So smile. Until it gets better. Smile with your tongue even. See Spot. See Spot smile. See Spot smile with his tongue.

Try harder. Use the tongue. Smile like this guy:

Feel better?



5 Dogs I Know

As I wander through these streets of New York, righting the wrongs and wronging the rights, I run into a lot of dogs along the way. I’ve gotten to know some of them better than others. Some I avoid, because I don’t like them, or because I’m afraid (rare but true) of them. Some I will chase down from a mile away just to get a whiff of what they’re up to. Here are just a few dogs I know which will most likely play prominent roles in my adventures:

BUDDY:┬áMy buddy. Runderdog’s sidekick. Notice how he kicks on his side. He’s great, right? Here’s Buddy’s other side:

Buddy’s a great sidekick mostly. Sometimes he’s lazy but I give him a break because he lives with 3 cats that keep him up all night with meows and hisses and knocking picture frames over. He likes the sun, lounging on his side on the sidewalk, and licking people. He dislikes whatever I tell him to dislike.

MARLENE: The Femme Fatale. We are currently not hanging out. She’s acting as if she’s too good to speak to me. She thinks she’s a movie star but she’s not. She’s trouble. But I like her. Isn’t that always the case?

Two pairs of sunglasses? Come on, Marlene! Ridiculous!

CURTIS: The cub reporter. Curtis wants so much to get the scoop that he resorts to spying on dogs in apartment windows. He doesn’t realize how much he sticks out like a sore thumb wearing his Red Sox cap in Yankee land.

Get down Curtis!

LOLA: Town gossip. Town crier. She’s got a big mouth. I don’t believe half the stuff she says. But every once in a while there’s a grain of truth…


RUNNING STORE DOG: Another dog that won’t talk to me. He knows I’m just trying to get the scoop and he won’t give it to me. Come on, Running Store Dog. Can’t even look me in the eye. Why can’t you be nice like the girl in the video behind you?

These are all dogs I like, even the ones that don’t talk to me. I will give my enemies their due at a later time.

It Is Your Fault, Kitty

Why? Because you look too happy. Try using puppy dog eyes next time. And no smile, please.